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New Year's Eve

Candle Lighting Ceremony for World Peace

Buddhist Advice for a Happy Life

 Compassion Meditation

with Robin Merod

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In-Person & Live-Stream

Public Talk

Buddhist Advice

for a Happy Life




Everyone is encouraged to attend in-person. The teacher emphasizes that in-person teachings are much more beneficial than live-stream. Plus, we'd love to meet you!

Candle Lighting Ceremony   7:00 pm

Public Talk Compassion Meditation    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Candle Lighting Ceremony for World Peace

Join us in lighting a candle for world peace. Our Center will be aglow with love and inspiration as we come together for this beautiful ceremony. 

Buddhist Advice for a Happy Life

Discover how to find happiness in the New Year through meditation. Buddha taught that the true source of happiness is inner peace, and the key to inner peace is meditation. Through developing a daily meditation practice, you can reduce stress and experience a calm, clear, and positive state of mind that gives rise to a pure and lasting happiness.

In this Public Talk with Robin Merod, greet the New Year with the confidence to begin or deepen your meditation practice. Everyone is welcome!

Compassion Meditation

We will conclude the evening with beautiful chanted prayers in English to Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion.


You are invited to stay and visit afterwards! Non-alcoholic drinks will be served.


Robin Merod

Robin Merod first began meditating in 2010 when he dropped in for a class at Compassion KBC in Sacramento. Having recently received his Ph.D. in Engineering, he was drawn to the practical and logical nature of Buddha’s teachings. Robin has been teaching since 2013 and enjoys inspiring people with stories about how Dharma has touched his heart.

In accordance with the Sacramento County health order, we ask that everyone wear a mask wile attending in-person classes, regardless of vaccination status. Thank you.
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