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Discover Buddhist Meditation:

Learning to be Happy from Within

with Kadampa Buddhist monk, Gen Kelsang Tenzin

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In-Person Only

Public Talk &

Open House



 Public Talk   10:00 am - 11:15 am

Open House   11:15 am - 3:00 pm

$15 per person

included with Membership Classes

Compassion KBC's Grand Reopening Event!

Normally we seek happiness outside ourself. We try to obtain better material conditions, a better job, higher social status and so forth; but no matter how successful we are in improving our external situation, we still experience many problems and much dissatisfaction. This is because the true source of happiness is inner peace – a calm, clear, and positive state of mind that arises from within through the practice of meditation.


In this talk, Gen Tenzin will guide us to an experience of Buddha’s very profound teaching that our mind has the power to create our world. Through gaining an experience of this wisdom, we will understand how to cultivate a reliable source of happiness within our own mind. Training our mind in this way, we will attain pure and lasting happiness and discover how this experience brings benefit to not only ourself, but also everyone around us.


No prior meditation experience is necessary, and everyone is welcome!

Gen Kelsang Tenzin

Gen Kelsang Tenzin is an American Buddhist monk and the resident teacher at Compassion Kadampa Buddhist Center. He has taught Kadampa Buddhism extensively throughout the United States for over 20 years. Gen Tenzin has a great depth of understanding of Buddha’s teachings and shares them with warmth and humor, making them clear, practical, and accessible for everyone.

In accordance with the Sacramento County health order, we ask that everyone wear a mask wile attending in-person classes, regardless of vaccination status. Thank you.
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