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Shelter from the Storm:

Finding Inner Refuge & Peace

Self-Guided Refuge Retreat

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In-Person Only

Refuge Retreat


March 12-13

$15 Saturday  |  $10 Sunday

Saturday, March 12

Retreat Schedule

session 1   9 - 10 am

session 2   11 - 12 pm

lunch break   12 - 2 pm

session 3   2 - 3 pm

session 4   4 - 5 pm

Sunday, March 13

Retreat Schedule

session 1   2 - 3 am

session 2   4 - 5 pm

Shelter fro the Storm:

Finding Inner Refuge and Peace

In this retreat, we will deepen our experience of refuge through self-guided meditations.


Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha are known as the Three Jewels in Buddhism. Buddha is the source of all teachings and blessings, Dharma is the realization of Buddha's teachings, and Sangha are the pure spiritual practitioners and friends who help us on the spiritual path. We enter into Buddhism when we go for refuge to the Three Jewels, opening the gateway to all of Buddha’s teachings of Sutra and Tantra, and unlocking our potential for permanent inner peace. 

This self-guided meditation retreat will follow the sadhana, Essence of Good Fortune.

If you are new to refuge practice and would like to attend this retreat, please arrive 10 minutes early for brief instructions. Please note, this is a self-guided retreat.

In-Person Only

Kindly wear a mask if you are not vaccinated. Thank you.
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